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30 December 2008

Snowy Plover

Japan (1994)
27th November, 2007. Futami, Mie

This located stamp issued by Mie Prefecture to show the famous sight Meoto Iwa in Futami, Ise. Which are two rocks in the middle of sea, according to Wikipedia, the large rock is man and small one is his wife. I don't have any idea why the design of the stamp have three birds, those birds are Snowy Plover, it is migratory bird living in northern earth and fly over to southern in winter.

27 December 2008

Gull-billed Tern

Senegal (1993)
27th November, 2008. Saint-Louis

Gull-billed Tern also a migratory bird, same as Caspian Tern, it widely found in northern Europe and Africa, Middle-East and Far East, and bleeding in southern America, Indian Ocean and Australia. Parc de la Langue de Barbarie near the city of Saint-Louis, an important wetland in north-west Senegal, and also in the world.

Caspian Tern

Senegal (1993)
27th November, 2008. Fatick

Caspian Tern is a migratory bird, mainly live in northern Europe, Middle-East and Far Asia, and migrating to southern part of the world. Parc National du Delta du Saloum is located in Fatick region, which is one important place for Caspian Tern bleeding in winter.

Black-necked Swan

Falkland Islands (2003)
7th June, 2008. Stanley

Black-necked Swan. The original photo was taken in Kowloon Park of Hongkong, as there feeding couple of birds. Publisher combined some butterfly, bird and lotus photos in one postcard book, and sells it in low price.

25 December 2008


Iceland (2002)
7th May, 2008. Garður

Redshank also is migratory bird, widely seen from Iceland to England, and Indian Ocean in summer. The cancellation of below maxicard is Garður, is an 1300 inhabitants village in north part of Iceland.

24 December 2008

European Robin

Luxembourg (2007)
14th December, 2007. Luxembourg (First day special postmark)

European Robin is popular actor on many Christmas cards and stamps. Selected two are issued by Luxembourg and Great Britain, which cancelled by first day postmark or 'post early' machine postmark.

20 December 2008

Little Egret

Hongkong (2006)
20th October, 2007. Kam Tai Court, Maonshan

Little Egret is quite abundant resident in Far East, southern Europe and Africa, however they are migratory occasionally. In Hongkong, I can find couple of them breeding at beach not far away from my home. Also largely find in two shores of Shing Mun River of Shatin, wetlands of Taipo, Maipo and Tai O. The above maxicard, was cancelled by Kamtai Post Office, Kamtai is an housing estate at the end shore of Shing Mun River.

19 December 2008

Azores Bullfinch

Azores (2008)
28th May, 2008. Ponta Delgada, Azores (First day special postmark)

Azores Bullfinch is subspecies of Eurasian Bullfinch, Portuguese calls them Priolo, it only habits Serra da Tronqueira and around Nordeste municipality of São Miguel Island, Azores. This first day cover, although not posted on first day of issue, it carries postmarks of Nordeste. Portugal Post also issued a set of maxicard and two sheetlets on the same day, however the illustration of 4 cards are same, and it same as one of sheetlet.

17 December 2008

Wandering Albatross

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (2006)
12th March, 2008, King Edward Point

This is the first time post philatelic item on this board. I sent the request to South Georgia post office last year and waited near three months for the respond. Finally it is fine, except the quality of the postmark. The postcard, was issued by TAAF postal admission.

Wandering Albatross is one of the largest bird bird in the world, mostly they live in Southern ocean circle. However their quantity is decreasing in these 50 years as they killed by fishing net.