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23 December 2009

Tourist activity

French Polynesia (1992)
30th June, 2009. Papeete Central, Tahiti

Hagåtña, Guam
關島 阿加尼亞

United States (2007)
26th May, 2009. Hagåtña Station, Guam

Today is the shortest daytime in the northern part of the world and also it is a traditional big festival in Chinese cultural called Midwinter (冬至). However I more prefer summer as it is more comfortable than cold and wet weather in winter, in here I would show two maxicards which came from Guam and French Polynesia. These cards are same photograph but the stamps are different, first one is dawn of Hagåtña, Guam. Hagåtña is the capital city of Guam located in the west coastline of Guam, there chose as an actress of 2007 airmail definitive stamp of the United States. Another one is a famous vacation island in the world called Tahiti, it is the largest island of French Polynesia, its capital Papeete located on the north-west of the island.

4 December 2009

Common Ostrich

Morocco (1998)
29th October, 2009. Rabat Postal Museum, Rabat

The Atlas, is a range of mountains through Morocco, Algeria and western of Tunisia, it separates southern Mediterranean coastline and Sarah Desert to these three countries. In the northern part of the Atlas is Mediterranean climate and the southern part is dried desert climate, thus there has biodiversity in these countries, and Morocco is in the eastern part of this area.

Common Ostrich is a flightless bird widely to be found in grassland and desert of Africa, wild life ostriches live in Western Sarah, where is the area of grassland and Sarah Desert. Ostrich is the largest bird in the world, males can be measured more than 2,5 meter high and 155 kilogram. Although it can not fly, it advantaged in run. Now ostrich becomes a popular poultry and feed it humanly worldwide.

Nightingale is a songbird widely to be found in Europe and part of north-west of Africa, it also commonly fed by human as well as ostrich but it only for pet birds. Wild life nightingales are live in coastline of Morocco, from Atlantic to Mediterranean. Nightingale stamps also appeared on the stamps of Spain and Slovenia, which are in envelope or maxicard format respectively.

10 November 2009

Sri Lankan Elephant

Sri Lanka (2007)
31st October, 2007. Battaramulla (Camp post office first day postmark)

This card stored in my collection and I forgotten its exist near two years, before I viewed an elephant collection by Thomas. I think it still a maxicard, although cancellation on the picture side near unclear and unreadable. This stamp set, featuring four manuals Water Buffalo, Sri Lankan Elephant, Ceylon Ruddy Mongoose (赤獴) and Grey Langur (長尾葉猴) are common species to be found in Udawalawe National Park. The national park has 30,812 hectares established in 1972, where located in Moneragala of Uva Province and Ratnapura of the Sabaragamuwa Province.

The elephant stamp named as herd of elephants, however designer only drawn three elephants, it feels oddly to use herd of the stamp. Compare with postcard, the photograph seems more look like a herd of elephants - couple of visitors observing the elephants drinking water in the river.

4 November 2009

Daurian Redstart

Taiwan (2007)
3rd November, 2007. Taipei

The last one is a failed maxicard, there may not have any problem when take a first look. But it is incorrect due to the card illustrated Common Redstart (紅尾鴝) and the stamp is Daurian Redstart.

30 July 2009

Pied Avocet

Hongkong (2003)
20th October, 2007. Santin
20th October, 2007. International Mail Centre, Kowloon
22nd October, 2007. Shatin

A beautiful species widely lives in European and northern Asia, specially features a thin and long upturned bill. In winter most of birds will migrate to Africa and southern Asia, include Hongkong. It can easily be found in wetlands, water ponds and lacks, in Hongkong they mostly live in the fish ponds located in north-west of New Territories like Santin, Yuen Long and Tinshuiwai.

The postcard shown famous Belgian artist Hub. Dupond's illustration of male and juvenile of Pied Avocet, he clearly illustrated its features, however the stamp not shown the colour of legs correctly which compare with the postcard.

21 July 2009


New Caledonia (2007)
3rd April, 2007. Nouméa (First day special postmark)

In December of 2008, here has been shown you a set of bird stamps of New Caledonia, two covers feature two different stamps separately. Now here is the last one Kagu, the national bird of New Caledonia. Kagu is endemic to New Caledonia, is the only one species under Rhynochetos (鷺鶴屬). It can't fly and only nests on the floor with branch, mostly can be found in forest of the islands. Kagu looks grey and white with reddish legs, eyes and bill.

As the non-resident mammal bought to New Caledonia by human endangering Kagu, also the change of habitat and illegal hunting, it is facing extinction. Now it is protected by governor of the islands.

5 June 2009

Mandarin Duck

Japan (1992)
15th March, 2008. Tottori Central (with pictorial postmark)

Mandarin Duck is one of common bird in north-east China and Japan, and it always appears on the folk story or oriental art of these countries, in Chinese it may related to a couple. It mostly lives and bleeds in ponds and wetlands, and migrates to south-east of China in winter. Male with colourful brown and greenish feathers with reddish beak but female only with grey coloured feathers. Although Mandarin Duck is very common, same as other species it faces illegal hunting and living place being damaged.

Mandarin Duck is symbol bird of Tottori prefecture, a small prefecture in the west of Honshū. Over 90% area are hill and mountains, the famous product is pear.

7 May 2009

Red Kite

Great Britain (2007)
22nd September, 2007. Doune, Perthshire

Red Kite is a resident bird of Isles of Britain, mostly can be found in Central Wales, mid-Scotland and parts of England. However the population of the bird has been reduced to extinct by early 1900's year. After re-introduced, red kites increasing their population again in England and Scotland, and now huge numbers live in Chilterns of England and Argaty of Scotland.

Doune is in the south part of Scotland, small village nearby Argaty, it located in the west of Dundee and the north of Glasgow. The post office in Doune founded in 1793, over 200 years !

25 March 2009

Northern Lapwing

Sweden (2001)
16th October, 2007. Stockholm

A beautiful maxicard from Sweden. Lapwing is a migratory bird which very common can be found in Eurasia, in Winter it lives in Europe and north of Asia, and flies to southern area like South-east China or North Africa. The postcard shown a hen feeding two chicken in grassland, mostly it nests in wetlands and breeds 3-4 eggs in each year.

17 March 2009

Song Thrush

Great Britain (1998)
10th June, 2008. Chelmsford, Essex

A popular garden songbird can be found in farmland and most of gardens, however the populations in England are decreasing in recent years, now it is Red Listed species. In England, there are about one million residents recorded. The cancellation of the maxicard is date-postmark of Chelmsford, a city in the east of England. There have a wetland in the town centre and most bird-watchers obverse the birds in there.

15 March 2009

Common Shelduck

China (2005)
30th July, 2005. Xianghai, Jilin

Xianghai National Nature Reserve is in the north-west of Tongyu County, Jilin near inner-Mongolia, an important conservation wetland for Red-crowned Crane (丹頂鶴) and other species. It founded in 1981 and has 105 km² area, included 5 towns and 12 villages.

China Post issued a set of 4 stamps illustrated four different birds live and can be found in Xianghai National Natural Reserve in 2005. Above maxicard is one of four, a couple of Shelducks nested bank of pound. Thanks Kristiina of her great card.

10 March 2009

Simon Gregorčič
西蒙 克萊高里

Slovenia (1994)
20th September, 2007. Soča

Simon Gregorčič (1844-1906) is a Slovenia poet born in Vrsno, Kobarid, a small village above the river Soča. His famous poem Soči (To The Soča) is one of the masterpieces of Slovenian poetry. Slovenia issued 4 stamps to commemorate 150th anniversary of his birth and other three poets' birth or death on 1994. This stamp illustrated a Nightingale (夜鶯), a honorary title of his one lyrics nightingale of Gorica and sight of Soča.

Nightingale is in grey colour. Feathers not beautiful but it can sing nice songs. Not likes other birds, it can sing at night so it got the name as this behaviour.

20 February 2009


Switzerland (2007)
9th February, 2009. Zernez

Wallcreeper lives in Alps or high-level areas, built the nest on the rock to bleed their chicks. Zernez is a small village in south Alps nearest Italy border and is a main entry to Swiss National Park, Ibex (羱羊) is a common habitant in the park and Alps so postmark has its illustration.

Great Tit

Switzerland (2007)
12th September, 2007. Jura, Fribourg


Switzerland (2007)
14th September, 2007. Sempach Stadt

Continue to post the definitive stamps of Switzerland. Shown here are three maxicards feature Chaffinch, Great Tit and Wallcreeper separately. Chaffinch and Great Tit are very common in Europe mainland and England Islands, mostly can be found them in gardens or fields. Those two cards are illustrated a pair of birds by same artist, published in Switzerland and over 60 years ages. Sempach is a town in the middle of Switzerland, pictorial postmark shown the sight of the town.

19 February 2009

7 February 2009

The Dodo

Mauritius (2007)
26th November, 2008. Port Louis

The Dodo is very famous in world, not as it is beautiful or it does not afraid human, mainly reasons are it was extinct in 17th century after 160 years of discovery of Mauritius and the tale of Alice. It habited in Mauritius before people found this island but extinct in 1662. Unfortunately no specimen store in any museum for exhibition or reference nowadays, however many painters and artists use their pictures and illustrations to record Dodos.

Above cover shown us four different historical Dodo's illustration stamps, which are in one set issued on two years ago. Mauritius post office had issued many Dodo stamps since 1950, this time presenting the artist impressions of the Dodo : Rs5 is the Dodo's bill sketch found in the Journal of Admiral Wolfert Harmenszoon, who visited Mauritius in 1601 ; Rs10 is illustrated by Adrian Van de Venne on 1621 ; The illustration of Rs15, original painting appeared in a publication by Harrison, Cluse and Co. 1798 and the last one Rs25, chromolithographer is J.W. Frohawk, who did it on 1905.

4 January 2009

Northern Pintail

Congo, Republic of (1991)
22nd May, 2008. Brazzaville

A very common migratory bird can be observe in Eurasia and North America, sometimes can be seen in wetlands near equator but no record in Republic of Congo. The postcard shown a pair of Pintail which are male and female separately, seems look very different than the stamp, it is because male in winter will change their feathers.

This request I sent on January of 2008 to Brazzaville and come back on June, I surprise post office sent it by registered mail with French regarding letter.

2 January 2009

Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra

Portugal (2007)
19th December, 2008. Universidad, Coimbra

I haven't plan visit Coimbra in this trip. When I arranging the schedule in Porto, I found that the way from Porto to Lisbon via Aveiro and Coimbra is cheaper than go Porto to Lisbon directly. So I decided visit these two places. I can't forget these cities - Estromez, Aveiro and Coimbra are relax enough. They are good places for holiday.

Templo romano de Évora, Évora

Portugal (2007)
14th June, 2007. Évora

A day trip to Évora. The place full of tourists, most of them are European and not easy to find Asian. Afterward I found two Japanese in Estromez.

Palácio Nacional da Pena, Sintra

Portugal (2007)
14th June, 2007. Sintra

Portugal (2007)
22nd September, 2008. Vila da Sintra, Sintra

The castle built on the top of the hill, a colourful castle and interesting place. I were quite stupid to climb up the hill to save bus fare. An experience of hiking in Portugal.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon

Portugal (2007)
14th June, 2007. Belém

A cool catholic in the west of Lisbon main business area, located in Belém district. It is cool, as the room temperature is lower than outside, perhaps as it was rainy day when I visited.