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4 January 2009

Northern Pintail

Congo, Republic of (1991)
22nd May, 2008. Brazzaville

A very common migratory bird can be observe in Eurasia and North America, sometimes can be seen in wetlands near equator but no record in Republic of Congo. The postcard shown a pair of Pintail which are male and female separately, seems look very different than the stamp, it is because male in winter will change their feathers.

This request I sent on January of 2008 to Brazzaville and come back on June, I surprise post office sent it by registered mail with French regarding letter.

2 January 2009

Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra

Portugal (2007)
19th December, 2008. Universidad, Coimbra

I haven't plan visit Coimbra in this trip. When I arranging the schedule in Porto, I found that the way from Porto to Lisbon via Aveiro and Coimbra is cheaper than go Porto to Lisbon directly. So I decided visit these two places. I can't forget these cities - Estromez, Aveiro and Coimbra are relax enough. They are good places for holiday.

Templo romano de Évora, Évora

Portugal (2007)
14th June, 2007. Évora

A day trip to Évora. The place full of tourists, most of them are European and not easy to find Asian. Afterward I found two Japanese in Estromez.

Palácio Nacional da Pena, Sintra

Portugal (2007)
14th June, 2007. Sintra

Portugal (2007)
22nd September, 2008. Vila da Sintra, Sintra

The castle built on the top of the hill, a colourful castle and interesting place. I were quite stupid to climb up the hill to save bus fare. An experience of hiking in Portugal.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon

Portugal (2007)
14th June, 2007. Belém

A cool catholic in the west of Lisbon main business area, located in Belém district. It is cool, as the room temperature is lower than outside, perhaps as it was rainy day when I visited.