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25 March 2009

Northern Lapwing

Sweden (2001)
16th October, 2007. Stockholm

A beautiful maxicard from Sweden. Lapwing is a migratory bird which very common can be found in Eurasia, in Winter it lives in Europe and north of Asia, and flies to southern area like South-east China or North Africa. The postcard shown a hen feeding two chicken in grassland, mostly it nests in wetlands and breeds 3-4 eggs in each year.

17 March 2009

Song Thrush

Great Britain (1998)
10th June, 2008. Chelmsford, Essex

A popular garden songbird can be found in farmland and most of gardens, however the populations in England are decreasing in recent years, now it is Red Listed species. In England, there are about one million residents recorded. The cancellation of the maxicard is date-postmark of Chelmsford, a city in the east of England. There have a wetland in the town centre and most bird-watchers obverse the birds in there.

15 March 2009

Common Shelduck

China (2005)
30th July, 2005. Xianghai, Jilin

Xianghai National Nature Reserve is in the north-west of Tongyu County, Jilin near inner-Mongolia, an important conservation wetland for Red-crowned Crane (丹頂鶴) and other species. It founded in 1981 and has 105 km² area, included 5 towns and 12 villages.

China Post issued a set of 4 stamps illustrated four different birds live and can be found in Xianghai National Natural Reserve in 2005. Above maxicard is one of four, a couple of Shelducks nested bank of pound. Thanks Kristiina of her great card.

10 March 2009

Simon Gregorčič
西蒙 克萊高里

Slovenia (1994)
20th September, 2007. Soča

Simon Gregorčič (1844-1906) is a Slovenia poet born in Vrsno, Kobarid, a small village above the river Soča. His famous poem Soči (To The Soča) is one of the masterpieces of Slovenian poetry. Slovenia issued 4 stamps to commemorate 150th anniversary of his birth and other three poets' birth or death on 1994. This stamp illustrated a Nightingale (夜鶯), a honorary title of his one lyrics nightingale of Gorica and sight of Soča.

Nightingale is in grey colour. Feathers not beautiful but it can sing nice songs. Not likes other birds, it can sing at night so it got the name as this behaviour.