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30 July 2009

Pied Avocet

Hongkong (2003)
20th October, 2007. Santin
20th October, 2007. International Mail Centre, Kowloon
22nd October, 2007. Shatin

A beautiful species widely lives in European and northern Asia, specially features a thin and long upturned bill. In winter most of birds will migrate to Africa and southern Asia, include Hongkong. It can easily be found in wetlands, water ponds and lacks, in Hongkong they mostly live in the fish ponds located in north-west of New Territories like Santin, Yuen Long and Tinshuiwai.

The postcard shown famous Belgian artist Hub. Dupond's illustration of male and juvenile of Pied Avocet, he clearly illustrated its features, however the stamp not shown the colour of legs correctly which compare with the postcard.

21 July 2009


New Caledonia (2007)
3rd April, 2007. Nouméa (First day special postmark)

In December of 2008, here has been shown you a set of bird stamps of New Caledonia, two covers feature two different stamps separately. Now here is the last one Kagu, the national bird of New Caledonia. Kagu is endemic to New Caledonia, is the only one species under Rhynochetos (鷺鶴屬). It can't fly and only nests on the floor with branch, mostly can be found in forest of the islands. Kagu looks grey and white with reddish legs, eyes and bill.

As the non-resident mammal bought to New Caledonia by human endangering Kagu, also the change of habitat and illegal hunting, it is facing extinction. Now it is protected by governor of the islands.