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23 December 2009

Tourist activity

French Polynesia (1992)
30th June, 2009. Papeete Central, Tahiti

Hagåtña, Guam
關島 阿加尼亞

United States (2007)
26th May, 2009. Hagåtña Station, Guam

Today is the shortest daytime in the northern part of the world and also it is a traditional big festival in Chinese cultural called Midwinter (冬至). However I more prefer summer as it is more comfortable than cold and wet weather in winter, in here I would show two maxicards which came from Guam and French Polynesia. These cards are same photograph but the stamps are different, first one is dawn of Hagåtña, Guam. Hagåtña is the capital city of Guam located in the west coastline of Guam, there chose as an actress of 2007 airmail definitive stamp of the United States. Another one is a famous vacation island in the world called Tahiti, it is the largest island of French Polynesia, its capital Papeete located on the north-west of the island.

4 December 2009

Common Ostrich

Morocco (1998)
29th October, 2009. Rabat Postal Museum, Rabat

The Atlas, is a range of mountains through Morocco, Algeria and western of Tunisia, it separates southern Mediterranean coastline and Sarah Desert to these three countries. In the northern part of the Atlas is Mediterranean climate and the southern part is dried desert climate, thus there has biodiversity in these countries, and Morocco is in the eastern part of this area.

Common Ostrich is a flightless bird widely to be found in grassland and desert of Africa, wild life ostriches live in Western Sarah, where is the area of grassland and Sarah Desert. Ostrich is the largest bird in the world, males can be measured more than 2,5 meter high and 155 kilogram. Although it can not fly, it advantaged in run. Now ostrich becomes a popular poultry and feed it humanly worldwide.

Nightingale is a songbird widely to be found in Europe and part of north-west of Africa, it also commonly fed by human as well as ostrich but it only for pet birds. Wild life nightingales are live in coastline of Morocco, from Atlantic to Mediterranean. Nightingale stamps also appeared on the stamps of Spain and Slovenia, which are in envelope or maxicard format respectively.