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29 April 2010

Greylag Goose

Algeria (2001)
2nd February, 2011. Sétif

On the opposite side of Portugal, the African country Algeria also has some wetlands located in the southern basin of Mediterranean Sea. Below two maxicards shown Pied Avocet and Greylag Goose (灰雁) respectively, also are common birds of El-Kala National Park, lakes area nearby El Kala. Although the cards cancelled at Sétif, the postmark date are interestingly marked on the 2nd February, 2011 !

Pied Avocet

Algeria (2001)
2nd February, 2011. Sétif

Pied Avocet (反嘴鷸) which is commonly to be found in Ria Formosa Natural Park. The pre-paid postcard is part of series Aves de Portugal definitive stamps shown as well as before, and now the stamps were not valid for postage in Portugal.

25 April 2010

Herring Gull

Sweden (2001)
9th February, 2010. Sturkö

This Swedish maxicard more clearly to show what does the bird look like, L. a. argentatus is in bulky size and with extensive white in the wing-tips while compare with L. a. argentatus, the another sub-species of Herring Gull. This maxicard bears intaglio multi-coloured stamp and attractive purpled Sturkö date-postmark, Sturkö is an island in the southernmost of Sweden, there have many islands nearby and is one of famous birdwatching place of this country.

7 April 2010

Spotted Flycatcher

Isle of Man (2000)
26th January, 2010. Douglas

After two years, another request mail from Isle of Man Philatelic Bureau. Same as last mail, another stamp which comes from same WWF issue has been used, the only different is this is maxicard. The card specially printed in black and white colour shown the bird standing on the dead branch. Spotted Flycatcher is very common in Europe and also western Asia as there is breeding place of them. In winter, it migrates to Africa and south-west Asia.