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24 May 2010

Northern Shoveler

Kiribati (2001)
22nd January, 2001. Kiribati (first day postmark)

Kiribati is in the middle of Pacific Ocean, and it also only one country in the world across the date line. Although the country includes 32 atolls widely dispersed over 3.500.000 kilometre square, there still can be found hundred of seabirds. Here shown a maxicard and an envelope affixed part of Duck stamp set issued by Kiribati on 2001.

Northern Shoveler and Chinese Spot-bill Duck are two ducks commonly to be found in Eurasia, they also migrate to the south during winter. Above maxicard shown the male Northern Shovelers in different colour recorded in winter and summer, while the last card of Hongkong shown both sexes of shoveler. Below cover, affixed with three duck stamps only Chinese Spot-bill Duck to be found in Kiribati. Another two are endemic to New Zealand or Fiji respectively.

18 May 2010

Great Cormorant

Iceland (1996)
5th February, 2010. Flatey

On the 20th March of 2010, the Icelandic active volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted for a month, it resulted the eruption column raised 4 kilometre high and caused the air traffic suspension and disruption in Europe. Eyjafjallajökull is located in the southernmost of Iceland and is one of smallest glaciers in this country. But in the northernmost of Iceland, there has an island called Flatey, as well as the name the island does not hilly and the highest point is 22m. There is the paradise of seabirds like puffins, terns and plovers, of course include cormorants.

Cormorant does not look pretty but as it advents in catching fish, some Chinese fisherman training them for a tool of fishing. The bird very commonly to be found over the world, breeds in offshore islands and cliffs. Above maxicard shown hundreds of cormorant breeding their eggs ; the stamp illustrated similar activity while cancelled by Flatey's postmark.

6 May 2010

Atlantic Puffin

Ireland (2004)
23rd February, 2010. Portmagee, Kerry

This time, I really want to show the first philatelic item of Atlantic Puffin. The bird looks cute as its bill in colourful orange, yellow and silver colour, it is very common in northern Atlantic Ocean. Puffin is also a brand of one famous children book publisher base in London. Today, although the bird not in endangered population, as the over-fishing in the North Sea and shores of England Islands nearby Atlantic Ocean, and also the change of inhabit area, the population is decreased by 10 times in 10 years.

Atlantic Puffin mostly breeds in cliffs or deserted islands. In county Kerry, the south-west of Ireland. There have an island called Puffin Island to be found huge of puffin, now there is the famous place for puffin-watching to tourist. Above maxicard cancelled with Portmagee date-postmark, is one small fishing village near the island.