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17 June 2010

Black-cheeked Lovebird

Zambia (1996)
31st May, 2010. Nodla

Black-cheeked Lovebird is mainly in green with blackish head and reddish bill, it is endemic to Victoria Waterfall area of Zambia, as it habits in relatively small range area caused the bird easy be effected by habitat change, now it listed as vulnerable in ICUN list. Same as most lovebirds, it also is a popular pet over the world, in wild area it mostly inhabits woodland.

1 June 2010

Faroese Guillemot

Faroe Islands (1978)
8th April, 2010. Kirkja

Kirkja also is a small village with population 25 in the north-easternmost island Fugloy. The village has a road connect to another village Hattarvík where has 17 inhabitant. However the island doesn't have road connect with other islands and helicopter or ferry are only transport between neighbourhood islands. In the north-west of the island also is a famous birdwatching place of the Faroes, as same as Vestmanne, there has a attractive cliff to seabirds.

Faroese Guillemot is a sub-species of Common Guillemot (普通海鴉), the main different of the sub-species is it only to be found in the Faroes and it has white lines from eyes to its neck.

Atlantic Puffin

Faroe Islands (1978)
9th April, 2010. Mykines

Mykines is a small village located in the westernmost island of the Faroese named same name as Mykines, only 11 inhabitant live in the village whole year. However, it is a colonies of seabirds especially puffins. It is quite oddly for foreigner but very normal in local, puffin is a daily food in the Faroes. Residents always climb up the cliff to catch puffins and their eggs. In the Faroes, all parts of puffin are useful and never wasted.

Northern Gannet

Faroe Islands (1978)
12th April, 2010. Vestmanne

Vestmanne is a westernmost town of the Faroese largest island Steymoy, the island also is the location of Faroese capital Tórshavn. There has a tunnel and road link between two towns and nearby islands and towns. In the north-west of Vestmanne is a good birdwatching place as there is a cliff to provide breeding place for number of seabirds. Gannets, puffins and skua are ordinary visitors of this area.

Northern Gannet is a common seabird in north Atlantic to be found in east and south of Iceland ; western Steymoy, the Faroes ; northern Scotland and coast of Canada and Newfoundland. The species with large number of population and is a migratory bird, in winter it migrates to further south of Atlantic.