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25 September 2010

Ascensor da Bica

Portugal (2010)
29th June, 2010. D. Luis I, Lisbon
(Praça de Dom Luís I)

Ascensor da Bica is an historical funicular in Lisbon, it was opened on June 28 of 1892 links between Rua de São Paulo and Largo de Calhariz. A 245m funicular built in the middle of Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo. In 2002, it classified as National Monument of Portugal, together with Ascensor da Glória and Elevador de Santa Justa in Lisbon.

19 September 2010

Characteristic Streets in Hong Kong - Des Voeux Road West

Hongkong (2010)
24th June, 2010. Saiyinpun

Des Voeux Road West is popular dried seafood market in Hongkong, Traditionally these food is must for important festivals or Chinese New Year, before the festival, the street becomes busy as many people spend their whole day on choosing the foods. Postcard shown a salted-fishes shop on the street during early-1900s, now the street  still have such hawkers remind unchange.

Characteristic Streets in Hong Kong - Nathan Road

Hongkong (2010)
24th June, 2010. Kowloon Central

Nathan Road is the main street in Kowloon Peninsular, since late 19th century it is the busiest street and called Robinson Road in the beginning. To reduce the confuse of same named street in Island side, it was be renamed as Nathan Road. Now the street is famous to locals or tourist as full of famous or popular branded shops or hotels. Neon signs is the main feature of the street during at night.

Photo of the postcard was taken on lpost-1960s from Yaumatei area, the buildings on the two sides have been rebuilt after 1980s.

Characteristic Streets in Hong Kong - Pottinger Street

Hongkong (2010)
24th June, 2010. Wyndham Street

On mid-June of 2010, Hongkong Post issued a set of Locals Characteristic Streets features six old street sights of Hongkong. Pottinger Street is the very first street built in Hongkong. It stylish with stone slabs for easy for people to go up and down and to drain away stormwater. Locals call its name as Stone Slab Street.

18 September 2010

Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisbon
里斯本 4 月 25 日大橋

Portugal (2008)
16th October, 2008. Lisbon / Junqueira

Ponte 25 de Abril, in English 28th of April Bridge is the 6th longest suspension bridge in Europe, it was inaugurated on August 6, 1966 with two levels for train and road transport. It across Río Tujo and links with Lisbon and Almada. Originally it named Ponte Salazar before 1974, the Carnation Revolution.

Above per-paid postcard shown the bridge sight from coast of Lisbon area, the opposite coast is Almada and the left side of the bridge is Cristo-Rei, a Catholic monument of Jesus Christ built on 1949.

17 September 2010

Year of the Tiger

Hongkong (2010)
6th February, 2010. Lok Fu

2010, is the Tiger year in Chinese zodiac and new year is a big festival in Chinese cultural. To commemorate this festival, most of postal administration issued a set of stamps. Above maxicard is  issue of Hongkong which cancel on the day of issue at Lok Fu post office. The place, Lok Fu originally named Lok Fu Ngam, or in Cantonese is Tiger Rock. After resettlement blocks of Lok Fu Ngam and Wan Tau Hom built, it was be renamed as the reason is it seems unhappiness in Chinese.