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30 November 2010

Tsimshatsui Terminus

Hongkong (2010)
28th September, 2010. Tsimshatsui (with pictorial postmark and special postmark)
5th October, 2010. Maonshan (Postage due)

To commemorate the centenary of railway service of Hongkong, the Hongkong Post issued a set of 6 stamps illustrate historical locomotives and modern trains on September. Since 1910, the British section of Kowloon-Canton Railways was terminated at Tsimshatsui and the permanent terminus building was opened after two years of service begun, until it replaced by new Hung Hom terminus on 1975. Tsimshatsui Terminus was be demolished on 1978 and the site rebuilt as Hongkong Space Museum and Cultural Centre of Hongkong, only the clock tower keeps as heritage site of Hongkong.

The $1,80 stamp illustrates a diesel locomotive number 51 which began on service since mid-50's years, to replace old stream locomotives. The first two, fleet number 51 and 52 was arrived on 1955 from its origin place Australia, named as Sir Alexander and Lady Maurine respectively. Locomotive 51 retired on 1997 and restored at Railway Museum since 2004, and locomotive 52, with locomotives number 53, 54, 55 were turned back to Australia continuing serve passenger or cargo carriages.

The streamlined art in gold colour is Tsimshatsui Clock Tower. In the meantime the postcard shown the sunset sight of Tsimshatsui Terminus and former Tsimshatsui Post Office in 1975, the last year of the service of Tsimshatsui Terminus. The post office, be relocated at Middle Road on 1976 and this small house demolished as well as the terminus at the same time.

Meanwhile, an exhibition held at Heritage Museum of Hongkong, Shatin. To show memories of the 100 years of railway service. Below is the postcard for this exhibition affixed with $1,40 stamp which illustrates stream locomotive.

20th October, 2010. Hongkong

5 November 2010

Blue Tit

Finland (2001)
6th August, 2010. Kuopio

Not much special but these two card and cover are nice collection for my roller postmark series. Since new century the post office of Finland issues natural or culture self-adhesive definitive series on each year. Before, in here shown the series of 2000 and 2003. Now is the series of 2001 featuring Blue Tit, Golden Oriole and White Wagtail. Which are very common in Europe and Asia.

Above maximum card seems harmony as the background of the card and stamp also a branch of Pine (松樹). Pine is common tree to be found in woodlands area of northern countries. Most people pick the fruit of pine for decoration of present or tree during Christmas.