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26 December 2011

Common Kingfisher

Hungary (2001)
18th October, 2010. Nyíregyházai

Although kingfisher is a common bird in the world, seems I never specially show an item only with this species. Above maxicard arranged on late-September before the aluminum accident in Kolontár. However, it is not much relationship to the card, or say the kingfisher. As most of natural conservations are located in the east of Hungary, especially Aggtelek National Park is a main area to find large population of kingfisher, it also is a part of UNESCO world heritage site.

Nyíregyházai is the seventh large city located in the north-east Hungary, it seems a hub to visit nearby national park of conservations.

24 December 2011

Season's greetings from the Isle of Man

European Robin (知更鳥) ; Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)

Isle of Man (2011)
28th September, 2011. Douglas

This year, is Isle of Man's robin Christmas stamp to wish you have Merry Christmas. The stamp, and other five beautiful bird stamps are illustrated by Jeremy Paul who is famous nature illustrator in the island. The set of stamps also feature Sepac and Europa series, but I haven't purchased.

8 December 2011

50th anniversay of WWF

From top to bottom :
Red-backed Shrike (紅背伯勞) ; Redstart (紅尾鴝)
Eurasian Wryneck (蟻鴷) ; Whinchat (草原石即鳥)
Nightingale (夜鶯) ; Golden Oriole (金黃鸝)
Liechtenstein (2011)
9th September, 2011. Vaduz

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of foundation of WWF, couple of countries issued stamps last year. The most interesting stamps possible is Liechtenstein, which is a souvenir sheet features 8 species in Europe, from songbirds to preys of bird. Although the stamp shame in hexagonal shape, overall it looks nice as the birds look inhabit in the forest. The most special is the sheet features 8 variety species while compare to other WWF series maximum in four.

However, they are all very common to be found in European countries, it was quite oddly to the license holder wish endangered species appear on the stamps. Perhaps it changes its mind but it is not good for collector as the series will be overflowed.

2 December 2011

75th anniversary of National Trust for Jersey

Atlantic Puffin (角嘴海雀)
Jersey (2011)
25th October, 2011. Jersey

Anyway, look back to the stamps, not surprisingly the stamps illustrated by N. Parlett, who illustrated lots of wildlife stamps of Jersey. The stamp set, 5 stamps only 3 are birds. An extra one - 75p, as well as 42p stamp but specially change the mill (as known as La Caumine) in green colour ! It was not computer effect as the mill really painted in green to commemorate 75th anniversary of National Trust for Jersey, only few hours it turned white after inundated with complaints from angry Islanders.

18 November 2011

Lilac-breasted Roller

Lilac-breasted Roller (東非佛法僧)
South Africa (2000)
4th May, 2011. Pretoria

Not very special of this maxicard, just as Lilac-breasted Roller is one of beautiful and colourful bird in sub-Sahara area. I decided to arrange this card when I found such beautiful card, same as before the philatelic bureau only use its ordinary postmark to cancel the stamp.

15 November 2011

Common Ringed Plover, Eurasian Oystercatcher
環頸鴴, 蠣鴴

Britain (2011)
7th October, 2011. Fair Island, Shetland

Last two cards are cancelled in Fair Isle, Shetland. Shetland is the most important islands to seabirds, it is in the north-east of Scotland. Only 15 island inhabited while all of them colonised by seabirds ! Fair Isle and Fetlar are the islands in the east side of Shetland, only few inhabitant in there but have thousands of different seabirds like gannet, puffin and oystercatcher. A RSPB reserve has been built in the islands. The stamps as below cover, was issued on 1999 to commemorate centenary of RSPB.

Atlantic Puffin

Great Britain (2011)
4th November, 2011. Marloes, Pembrokeshire

Puffin is common and cute seabird in the country. Marloes is one of best place to find them in breeding seasons.

Arctic Tern, Great Cormorant
北極燕鷗, 普通鸕鶿

Great Britain (2011)
5th October, 2011. Holy Island, Northumberland

Holy Island, is a tidal island off coast of Northumberland, England. The island formally called Lindisfarne, the lower margin of postmark called Berwick on Tweed is parliament of the island. The island is historical but it also is a nature reserve named Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve, in there can be observed thousand of seabirds in each migration seasons.

Northern Gannet

Great Britain (2011)
6th October, 2011. North Berwick, East Lothian

In the offshore of North Berwick, there has a rock called The Base Rock where is a praise of gannets. Three-fourths of British gannets to be found in this island, however the island has its own castle and lighthouse.

11 November 2011

Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross

Tristan da Cunha (2010)
11th November , 2010. Tristan da Cunha

Except the cover of new definitive stamp, I also arranged a maxicard of one of high-value stamp, it is Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross. Sadly the stamp not clear to show the bird but in another side it is a capture of conservation - ringing the albatross. Is it a nice maxicard ? It seems is, this is second item related to this species while first one was an aerogramme also issued by Tristan da Cunha.

2 November 2011

Caribbean Flamingo

Suriname (1999)
14th April, 2011. Paramaribo

Unfortunately, it is not a good maxicard as postmark not clear to read. However I think I should forgive the mirror mistake as Suriname seems a rare country in the collection list - for bird, of course. In America, Caribbean Flamingo is a famous migratory bird when breeding in Galápagos Islands, coasts of northern South American countries like Columbia, Venezuela and nearby islands. However they also to be found in North America, from Colorado to Mexico and some Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Flamingo is a giant and sharp bird in America. Its reddish feather attracts most birdwatchers. In most zoo of the world, flamingos are feeding by human and the card shown an example in one United States zoo.

23 October 2011


El Deir, Petra (愛德代爾神殿, 佩特拉古城)
Jordan (1999)

5th May, 2011. Amman

Al Khazneh, Petra (卡兹尼神殿, 佩特拉古城)
Jordan (1999)

5th May, 2011. Amman

Petra is a famous historical ancients in world. Until now, no one know when did it exactly build, or some people thought established around 6th BC century. Petra located in the south of Jordan, a valley near Israel. It discovered on 1812 by Swiss explorer J.L. Burckhardt. In 1995, Petra listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

Above two maxicards shown El Deir and Al Khazneh of Petra. Unfortunately I lazy to find the nearest post office of Petra and the cards only got Amman postmark.

15 September 2011


Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)
Ireland (2011)
21st July, 2010. Dublin

After a year, second series of biodiversity SOAR was issued on July. As well as before, 8 stamps only has one features bird and it is Goldfinch. This time I arranged a maxicard and first day cover for the issue. As the labels more popular to postal customers, definitive stamps becoming useless in post office, I believe that labels to be replaced definitive stamps in future.

Goldfinch, is regular and common species to Ireland.

6 September 2011

Eurasian Curlew

Belarus (2011)
14th March, 2011. Minsk

As before, Belarus Post issues a stamp feature 'bird of the year' in each spring. This year, is a very common bird curlew in Europe. In historical recording, curlew to be thought that it has large population and not qualify as threatened. However in recent record it is incorrect and the status in IUCN list became Near Threatened in 2008.

22 August 2011

India Peafowl

Greece (2011)
20th January, 2011. Athens

Jean Kefalinos, in Greek : Γιάννης Κεφαλληνός (12 July, 1894 - 27 February, 1957), was a well-known engraver in Greece and mostly all of the works were printed in books. famous works were printed on books like Slaves in their chains, writing of Costas Varnalis (1928) ; The death of the Medici, writing of Prevelakis Pantelis (1939) ; The peacock, writing of Zacharias Papantoniou (1946) and The Ascetic, writing of Nikos Kazantzakis (1927). Jean also designed couple of Greek stamps during 1950 to 1954.

The stamp on the above envelope and maxicard titled as The Peacock engraved on 1942, which is a single coloured printmaking. However it is hard to find the detail of the work when writing this essay.

Here is the blog of Jean Kefalinos, in Greek only :

12 August 2011

Double Yellow-headed Amazon

Belize (2009)
21th February, 2010. GPO (Belize City)

In last year, here has shown you a cover features latest endangered bird issue of Belize, it was not an excellent cover as not sent by registered mail. Later on, I found a parrot postcard from online dealer and decided to do some stuff of left stamps. Now begin to show in this and next post, the first one is a maxicard of Double Yellow-headed Amazon.

Double Yellow-headed Amazon only endemic to most forest area of Belize and Honduras. As it has three inhabit area people divided the species to three sub-species. The stamp probably shown the one endemic to Belize A. o. belizensis. Unfortunately until now, the Double Yellow-headed Amazon is near extinct in the wild and now listed as endangered species, it is according to inhabit lost and illegal hunting.

Originally the maxicard matched with first day special postmark which illustrates head detail of parrot, but so pity now only ordinary postmark.

5 July 2011

House Sparrow

Bangladesh (2010)
27th January, 2011. Dhanmondi, Dhaka

In southern Asia, as the Himalayas divided cold weather from the North Pole, additional wind is come from Indian Ocean, weather of the areas is wet and warm. Most of species in there are different than northern Asia or Europe, however some species are common to be found in most of Asian area or Europe. Above four stamps are example from Bangladesh. Thanks to Dr. Ainin's help of the envelope and below maxicard.

Red Avandavant is new in this blog, the scientific name of stamp imprinted as Estrilda amandava which is a synonyms. Male is in red colour while female in yellow or brown ; but both of their bill in red colour.

1 July 2011

Greylag Goose

Great Britain (2011)
19th May, 2011. Forsinard, Sutherland

As the schedule, Post Office issued third series of bird theme Post & Go labels, this time features six waterbirds to be found in England or Scotland. Unfortunately some of birds have been appeared on stamps and shown here as before. Still thanks to Yoram from London he kindly to set me a copy of mint stamps and above cover. I selected Greylag Goose to arranged maxicard as below, the card also issued by one English publisher and the description says the geese mostly appear in Hebrides and Forsinard, the Highlands of Scotland.

Below maxicard bears Forsinard post office cds, where is one of remotest village in the northernmost of Scotland. A reserve Forsinard Flows is located near the village.

3 June 2011

100 years of aviation in Singapore
新加坡民航 100 年

Singapore (2011)
16th March, 2011. Minsk

Thanks for Eddie of this nice maxicard which the postcard originally issued by Singapore Philatelic Museum. The card shown a photograph taken at racecourse in March, 1911. The very first aircraft preparing to approach the sky, it was a successfully aviation and begin the aviation history of Singapore.

5 May 2011


Rhododendron farrerae (華麗杜鵑)
Hong-Kong (1998)
12th May, 2010. Maomshan

Rhododendron farrerae (華麗杜鵑)
Hong-Kong (2001)
14th March, 2008. Maonshan

Since 2006, district board of Shatin and couple of organisations holds Azalea Festival in each year, as some endemic azalea species be discovered in Maonshan Countryside Park, and the area organisation planting the azalea near roadsides and parks. In each Marches to Aprils, people can see flower seas around the area and it attracts photographers. Above two postcards originally issued on 2010 and 2008 respectively for residents send messages to their friends. Photos are come from photo competition of each year.

Rhododendron simsii-hybr. (映山紅)
Belgium (2000)
13th October, 2007. Bruxelles

Not only azalea plants in Asia, most of backyards or gardens in Europe also planting different kind of azalea. Above azalea is one introduced species from China and planting in Belgium. The postmark was commemorated a flower exhibition in Bruxelles of 2007.

29 April 2011

White-fronted Goose

White-fronted Goose (白額雁)
Iceland (2011)

27th January, 2011. Reykjavik (first day special postmark)

In 1960, Sir Julian Huxley, a British biologist wrote a couple of articles related to his observation for newspaper after his East African trip. Huxley received number of feedback on his concerned, one of feedback from Victor Stolan suggested him found an organisation for further conservation. Huxley accepted his suggestion but Stolan did not join the occurrence. Later on, Huxley together with Max Nicholson and Peter Scott produced a document Morges Manifesto, a foundation document of World Wildlife Fund for Nature and signed on 29 April of 1961. It was a beginning of WWF and its organisation registered at Morges, Switzerland on 11th September, 1961. 50 years on, WWF founding and controlling variety conservation areas and supporting different environment events over the world. Today, is a day to celebrate 50th anniversary of the foundation of WWF.

More than 20 countries to be issued stamps to commemorate this event. Guinea-Bissau and Iceland two of the firsts two issued on January, Iceland one features four waterbirds commonly to be found in Europe. Nevertheless, those four species are endangered in Iceland, they are wholly be protected in this island country.

19 April 2011

Common Tern

The Philippines (1992)
19th November, 2010. Araneta, Cubao

Last few days, here has been posted a set of beautiful parrot stamps from Philippine, and also three tern stamps. The last tern stamp shown as above maxicard, however it seems oddly as two terns are in different looks : the feathers of Philippines one is in black colour while the card photographed as grey. No surprisingly they are two sub-species, the photograph of the card is Sterna hirundo hirundo while stamp is S. h. longipennis, the photograph and the stamp clearly to show what's different of them. In most of south-east areas, S. h. longipennis is having large population than nominate subspecies.

11 April 2011


Alderney (2006)
16th November, 2010. Alderney, Guernsey

In the past, Fulmar is one genus either the bird lives in North Atlantic or sub-Antarctic areas. However as they live in different hemispheres, finally divided into two species Northern Fulmar and Southern Fulmar (銀灰暴風鸌). Fulmar is not an endangered species, it mainly visible in coast of North Atlantic with 30 million birds, and the population is increasing in recent years.

The stamp issued by Alderney which is a small island under Guernsey. Alderney began to issue stamps since early 80's years and the stamps either issued by Guernsey and Aldernsey are also valid in these two places. But, honestly speaking, most of Alderney stamps become souvenir instead of postally used.

5 February 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Hongkong (2011)
22nd January, 2010. General Post Office

As well as last year, a mint postcard set released by Hong-Kong Post for philatelist. Here are three of them separately affixed with ordinary stamp ($1,40), imperforated sheet ($5,00) and flocked stamp ($10,00). The flocked stamp maxicard specially sent by registered mail on the day of issue.

9 January 2011

Singapore waterfront

Singapore (1996)
19th November, 2010. Clementi West

In recent years, Singapore developed itself to be a modern country. In its business area, nearby Raffles Place, a lot of tall buildings were built and hundreds of international company found an office in this small country. But in other hand, the heart of city still keeping many colonial period buildings. As the business area near Singapore River, this special feature attractive thousands of tourists visit Singapore in each year, and also the waterfront skyline photographs frequency appear on different postcards and stamps. Above maxicard, is one of example to show Singapore Waterfront during 90's year of last century, stamp incorrectly illustrated it is a smoked city while Singapore is a famous garden city in the world.

Unforunately the postmark incorrectly cancelled with Clementi West cancellation, the post office located in the west of Singapore.