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9 January 2011

Singapore waterfront

Singapore (1996)
19th November, 2010. Clementi West

In recent years, Singapore developed itself to be a modern country. In its business area, nearby Raffles Place, a lot of tall buildings were built and hundreds of international company found an office in this small country. But in other hand, the heart of city still keeping many colonial period buildings. As the business area near Singapore River, this special feature attractive thousands of tourists visit Singapore in each year, and also the waterfront skyline photographs frequency appear on different postcards and stamps. Above maxicard, is one of example to show Singapore Waterfront during 90's year of last century, stamp incorrectly illustrated it is a smoked city while Singapore is a famous garden city in the world.

Unforunately the postmark incorrectly cancelled with Clementi West cancellation, the post office located in the west of Singapore.