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29 April 2011

White-fronted Goose

White-fronted Goose (白額雁)
Iceland (2011)

27th January, 2011. Reykjavik (first day special postmark)

In 1960, Sir Julian Huxley, a British biologist wrote a couple of articles related to his observation for newspaper after his East African trip. Huxley received number of feedback on his concerned, one of feedback from Victor Stolan suggested him found an organisation for further conservation. Huxley accepted his suggestion but Stolan did not join the occurrence. Later on, Huxley together with Max Nicholson and Peter Scott produced a document Morges Manifesto, a foundation document of World Wildlife Fund for Nature and signed on 29 April of 1961. It was a beginning of WWF and its organisation registered at Morges, Switzerland on 11th September, 1961. 50 years on, WWF founding and controlling variety conservation areas and supporting different environment events over the world. Today, is a day to celebrate 50th anniversary of the foundation of WWF.

More than 20 countries to be issued stamps to commemorate this event. Guinea-Bissau and Iceland two of the firsts two issued on January, Iceland one features four waterbirds commonly to be found in Europe. Nevertheless, those four species are endangered in Iceland, they are wholly be protected in this island country.

19 April 2011

Common Tern

The Philippines (1992)
19th November, 2010. Araneta, Cubao

Last few days, here has been posted a set of beautiful parrot stamps from Philippine, and also three tern stamps. The last tern stamp shown as above maxicard, however it seems oddly as two terns are in different looks : the feathers of Philippines one is in black colour while the card photographed as grey. No surprisingly they are two sub-species, the photograph of the card is Sterna hirundo hirundo while stamp is S. h. longipennis, the photograph and the stamp clearly to show what's different of them. In most of south-east areas, S. h. longipennis is having large population than nominate subspecies.

11 April 2011


Alderney (2006)
16th November, 2010. Alderney, Guernsey

In the past, Fulmar is one genus either the bird lives in North Atlantic or sub-Antarctic areas. However as they live in different hemispheres, finally divided into two species Northern Fulmar and Southern Fulmar (銀灰暴風鸌). Fulmar is not an endangered species, it mainly visible in coast of North Atlantic with 30 million birds, and the population is increasing in recent years.

The stamp issued by Alderney which is a small island under Guernsey. Alderney began to issue stamps since early 80's years and the stamps either issued by Guernsey and Aldernsey are also valid in these two places. But, honestly speaking, most of Alderney stamps become souvenir instead of postally used.