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5 May 2011


Rhododendron farrerae (華麗杜鵑)
Hong-Kong (1998)
12th May, 2010. Maomshan

Rhododendron farrerae (華麗杜鵑)
Hong-Kong (2001)
14th March, 2008. Maonshan

Since 2006, district board of Shatin and couple of organisations holds Azalea Festival in each year, as some endemic azalea species be discovered in Maonshan Countryside Park, and the area organisation planting the azalea near roadsides and parks. In each Marches to Aprils, people can see flower seas around the area and it attracts photographers. Above two postcards originally issued on 2010 and 2008 respectively for residents send messages to their friends. Photos are come from photo competition of each year.

Rhododendron simsii-hybr. (映山紅)
Belgium (2000)
13th October, 2007. Bruxelles

Not only azalea plants in Asia, most of backyards or gardens in Europe also planting different kind of azalea. Above azalea is one introduced species from China and planting in Belgium. The postmark was commemorated a flower exhibition in Bruxelles of 2007.