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5 July 2011

House Sparrow

Bangladesh (2010)
27th January, 2011. Dhanmondi, Dhaka

In southern Asia, as the Himalayas divided cold weather from the North Pole, additional wind is come from Indian Ocean, weather of the areas is wet and warm. Most of species in there are different than northern Asia or Europe, however some species are common to be found in most of Asian area or Europe. Above four stamps are example from Bangladesh. Thanks to Dr. Ainin's help of the envelope and below maxicard.

Red Avandavant is new in this blog, the scientific name of stamp imprinted as Estrilda amandava which is a synonyms. Male is in red colour while female in yellow or brown ; but both of their bill in red colour.

1 July 2011

Greylag Goose

Great Britain (2011)
19th May, 2011. Forsinard, Sutherland

As the schedule, Post Office issued third series of bird theme Post & Go labels, this time features six waterbirds to be found in England or Scotland. Unfortunately some of birds have been appeared on stamps and shown here as before. Still thanks to Yoram from London he kindly to set me a copy of mint stamps and above cover. I selected Greylag Goose to arranged maxicard as below, the card also issued by one English publisher and the description says the geese mostly appear in Hebrides and Forsinard, the Highlands of Scotland.

Below maxicard bears Forsinard post office cds, where is one of remotest village in the northernmost of Scotland. A reserve Forsinard Flows is located near the village.