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23 October 2011


El Deir, Petra (愛德代爾神殿, 佩特拉古城)
Jordan (1999)

5th May, 2011. Amman

Al Khazneh, Petra (卡兹尼神殿, 佩特拉古城)
Jordan (1999)

5th May, 2011. Amman

Petra is a famous historical ancients in world. Until now, no one know when did it exactly build, or some people thought established around 6th BC century. Petra located in the south of Jordan, a valley near Israel. It discovered on 1812 by Swiss explorer J.L. Burckhardt. In 1995, Petra listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

Above two maxicards shown El Deir and Al Khazneh of Petra. Unfortunately I lazy to find the nearest post office of Petra and the cards only got Amman postmark.