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31 December 2012

Frozen planet

King Penguin (國王企鵝)
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (2011)
20th August, 2012. King Edward Point

It is rarely to see a documentary series features on the stamps, Frozen Planet was co-produced by BBC and three other television broadcasting units of Europe, it filmed on 2010 when the group of filmmakers and crews visited Arctic and Antarctica. Whole 6 series with extra 1 episode began to broadcast on 2011 in the world.

Only South Georgia and British Antarctica Territories issued the stamps on the same year, however the stamps quite boring due to the species selected to the stamps frequency. Here are two maxicards from South Georgia related to birds.

Wandering Albatross (漂泊信天翁)
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (2011)
20th August, 2012. King Edward Point

25 December 2012

Threatened birds of Jersey

55p : Stonechat (黑喉石鵖) ; 88p : Yellowhammer (黃鵐)
68p : Serin (黑喉絲雀)

70p : Eurasian Bullfinch (紅腹灰雀) ; 45p : Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (小斑啄木鳥)
Jersey (2012)
7th November, 2012. Jersey
In last post of Jersey, I've been said that I won't buy Jersey stamps any more. However, after a year, bird stamps come again, it is the sixth also last series of bird series illustrated by Nick Parlett, who is local artist of Jersey. In late-June, I still order the stamps from Jersey Post but sadly, an uncomfortable experience given by the philatelic bureau again - the cancellation works finished on November and the special cancellation still unobtainable.

Six species are common in European continent but as Jersey is an island in English Channel, or can be says as offshore of France. Those birds are rarely fly to there or become less colonist in the island.

Although above five maxicards are cancelled by ordinary postmark, they still look nice and attractive.

21 December 2012

Biodiversity SOAR of Ireland

Eurasian Kestrel (紅隼)
Ireland (2012)

9th August, 2012. Dublin

Come again, it is the third series of Biodiversity definitive SOAR for Ireland, eight labels issued cover variety family as well as before. The bird choose Kestrel, which is common birds of prey in this country. Above maxicard shown the Kestrel.

Still have two series of Biodiversity definitive SOAR to be issued in following two years. As it is the last post of 2012, I wish all you Happy New Year in 2013.

24 November 2012

ATM labels of Denmark (2)
丹麥郵資標籤 (2)

From left to right : 
Eurasian Bullfinch (紅腹灰雀) ; Hawfinch (錫嘴雀) ; Greenfinch (金翅雀)
Denmark (2012)
5th September, 2012. Copenhagen

After the first bird theme of last year, Denmark Post continues to choose bird be the main theme in 2012 ATM label. Three garden birds are selected and they are commonly to be found in Europe, thanks Denmark Post of the great help on the postmarking. The cover I chose as first day cover is issued by Jersey Post for Threatened Birds which released on 2012. Above maxicards, so pity that can't be cancelled by special postmark according to the postmarking policy, however they haven't lost their value.

13 November 2012


Purple Heron (紫鷺) 
Guinea-Bissau (2008)  
21st August, 2012. Bissau
In these few years, some countries like Mozambique, Solomon Islands, Burundi or Guinea-Bissau happy to issuehuge of stamps illustrate variety sport theme, world affairs, natural and movie pop stars. However most of them are not related to these poor countries. Checked those stamps seem produced by a stamp dealer which located in Northern Europe. The dealer beside controls what themes to issue, it also has a production house to design all the artwork. Thus, all the stamps look similar if compare variety countries' issues. Anyway, still have some stamps have some collectable value, if the stamp related to the country.

Grey Crowned-Crane (灰冠鶴)  
Guinea-Bissau (2008)  
21st August, 2012. Bissau
Examples are two stamps issued by Guinea-Bissau. The first one is Purple Heron and second one is Grey Crowned-Crane. Unfortunately for the maxicard of Grey Crowned-Crane, except cancelled with poor postmark, the species also does not find in Western Africa.

9 November 2012

Laughing Gull

Kiribati (2008)
7th August, 2011. Bairiki, Tarawa

It is, the laughing gull seem is very normal gull species in the Caribbean Sea, however it is not normal to South Pacific. Anyway, it really have record to find the gull in South Pacific and seashore of Europe, perhaps as they migrate to there during winter seasons.

Only Kiribati issued Laughing Gull stamp in the South Pacific area, which is one of the latest definitive stamp set of the country.

4 November 2012

Tourism in Falkland Islands

Gentoo Penguin (巴布亞企鵝)
Falkland Islands (2011)
5th July, 2011. Fox Bay

It is the summer of Falkland Islands now, in this moment is the best time to there for the tour. Not surprisingly, the most attracted activity is bird watching, especially there is kingdom of penguin. Half of penguin species to be found in Falklands and rounded islands. If you have time and not afraid the terrible joinery of the ship travelling, you can visit South George to find more seabirds include albatross and beautiful iceberg or glaciers.
Fox Bay is a second large settlement in Falklands, however it just a very small village if compare with Great Britain. You can send a postcard to your friend there as a post office also operating in Fox Bay.
King Penguin (國王企鵝)  
Falkland Islands (2006)  
5th July, 2011. Fox Bay
Gentoo Penguin (巴布亞企鵝)  
Falkland Islands (2006)  
5th July, 2011. Fox Bay

31 October 2012

Bird of the Winter

Left : Bohemian Waxwing (太平鳥) ; Right : Eurasian Siskin (黃雀)
Isle of Man (2011)

28th September, 2011. Douglas

The Bird Observatory on the Calf was established in 1959 and became an official British Bird Observatory in 1962, to commemorate its 35th anniversary, Isle of Man Post Office issued a set of 6 stamps and a souvenir sheet features 7 bird species common in the islands. Above cover shown the stamps individually, as they are common in Europe and shown frequency before. It is no need to repeat the descriptions here.

In the meantime, the cover included two maxicards feature Bird of the Winter issued on last year, it is furthermore to complete this series. Below are these two cards.

25 October 2012

Birds of the Rock

Spotted Flycatcher (斑鶲)
Gibraltar (2012)
16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

After 3 parts of definitive issues, seem Gibraltar finished its Birds of the Rock definitive series. Finally the complete set contains 22 stamps and all of them are to be found in Gibraltar. Although Gibraltar is a small point in Europe, it is a main cross-point of bird and marine species, which have description of last post. Below to show the maxicards of this definitive series, and can be visited old posts for covers.

Greater Flamingo (火烈鳥)
Gibraltar (2008)

16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Mediterranean Shag (地中海鸕鶿)
Gibraltar (2008)
16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Eurasia Hoopoe (戴勝)
Gibraltar (2008)
16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Razorbill (大嘴海鴉)
Gibraltar (2008)

16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

18 October 2012

Yellow-legged Gull

Gibraltar (2001)
16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Finally all the items arrived on late-July, while the maxicard arrived on May. I don't have any idea why the envelope travelled 3 months, from Gibraltar to Hong-Kong, isn't it because it sent by registered mail ?

Anyway, this old issue bought in bargain price from internet, which is a main theme Environment to Europa 2001. I was missed it when it is new and seem good luck buy them in bargain price after 10 years. The stamps feature 3 species to be found the nearby water of Gibraltar, as everybody known this small place hold the door of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, also the nearest point between Europe and Africa. It is the main intersection point to migration of birds and marine life.

9 October 2012

Song birds of Armenia

Bluethroat (藍喉歌鴝) ; Great Tit (大山雀)
Armenia (2011)
5th September, 2011. Yerevan

Missing Armenia for a long time, after a pair of envelope on 2007, it was second series of Armenian birds I received. Overall the service of Armenia philatelic bureau is good enough and you can see that those maxicards and cover in excellent condition. Bluethroat and Great Tit are very common song birds in Eurasian area, as Armenia finds in the border of Asia and Europe, they have rich biodiversity and easy to find variety wildlife species.

26 September 2012

New bird series of Latvia

Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)
Latvia (2012)
16th June, 2011. Riga

Barn Swallow (家燕)
Latvia (2012)
16th June, 2011. Riga

Seem Latvia Post continues to issue their bird series in each year, I decided contact philatelic bureau myself, to arrange new first day cover and maxicard. Actually it seem bot first day cover but as I wish to save the postage, advised them to help me dispatch the stamps with first day cover. The cover looks pretty but quite old fashionable, perhaps because of the green background.

Not must surprise of two birds of this year, so it is easy to find cards in the market. Once again thanks philatelic bureau kindly regards my order and they done an excellent work.

12 September 2012

Short-eared Owl

Taiwan (2012)
6th June, 2011. Taipei

After the first issue on last year, post office continues to issue owls series on early June as well as last year features 4 endemic species, only 13 owl species are discovered and now come out 8 of them. Same as last description, the stamps not surprising to stamp collectors or bird theme collector, stamps look boring and seem missing something.

Thanks James Chen for the coordination of the first day cover and maxicard.

2 September 2012

Egyptian Vulture

Egyptian Vulture (白兀鷲)
Togo (2000)
12th April, 2012. Kara

A surprise to me that Togo philatelic office done their good job on my maxicards, although this one can't be seen the full postmark. Kara, is a city in the northern part of Togo, three forest parks are near this city. In Togo, only northern area to be found Egyptian Vulture during migratory seasons. Most of them are N. p. majorensis or N. p. majorensis subspecies. By the common reasons like hunting, accidental poisoning, Egyptian Vulture becomes endangered species as the population largely decrease in this century.

Safari in Africa

Western Gorilla (西部低地大猩猩)
Togo (2001)
20th April, 2012. Sokode

Sable Antelope (黑馬羚)
Togo (2001)
20th April, 2012. Sokode

White Rhinoceros (白犀牛)
Togo (2001)
20th April, 2012. Sokode

In the meantime to process the maxicard of Egyptian Vulture, some wildlife cards and envelope are be sent to Togo for the cancellation. However, unfortunately, those animals can't to be found in Togo which some of them are topical rainforest or grassland animals, they just for the fun to collectors.

25 August 2012

Tree Swallow

St Pierre et Miquelon (2012)
4th January, 2012. St Pierre

Do you remember the amazing photo features tree swallow family laid in fire hose? It appears on the last Canada issue. So pity that the postmark wasn't good enough - perhaps it is common in Canada. However, no worry on that, another tree swallow stamp issued by St Pierre et Miquelon this year and I was made the maxicard successfully.

Tree swallow is common to North America, mostly found in Canada and north United States. In winter, they migrate to southern United States and Mexico.

So interesting that St Pierre et Miquelon stamp feature bird-nest again but this time is hand-made wooden nest house.

16 August 2012

White Stork

Albania (2004)
3rd May, 2012. Tirana

Actually I don't have hope it come back as the country have many poor records to stamp collector. But it still came back, many thanks to the post office. It looks fine although the postmark not clear enough, at least most of detail still readable. White Stork, I don't need have more description of the bird, it commonly to be found in southern Europe, and of course includes Albania.

13 August 2012

Massena's Lorikeet

For some collectors, they don't wish the old stamps used in modern days' mail due to their logic is it looks oddly and unreasonable. However, once the stamps still have their value, and post offices accepted. Why do they ignore them outside their collection? Here is an example of Solomon Islands.

I bought two souvenir sheets in the stamp fair on February, as I missing them and they are selling in bargain price. So I try to affixed them on envelope and card then send to Solomon Islands Philatelic Bureau. As my wish, they done and return to me after a while. The first sheet issued on 1982 to commemorate the stamp exhibition in Australia, features four common birds to be found in Solomon Islands and Australia. Second sheet was issued on 1996. I owned block of 4 of whole set stamps for a long time but missing the sheet. Sadly, the sheet colour looks fade out and no attractive. I decided tear the stamp out and becomes below maximum card.

Massena's Lorikeet (馬仙納氏吸蜜鸚鵡)
Solomon Islands (1996)

2nd April, 2008. Honiara

8 August 2012

European Bee-eater

Spain (2008)
4th May, 2012. Horcajo de los Montes, Ciudad Real

Once again the redo maxicard. European Bee-eater seems common in southern Europe and sub-Sahara area during migratory seasons. In Spain, the European Bee-eater easy to be found in Extremadura and Castile–La Mancha. Tablas de Daimiel National Park is one of birdwatching place in the province of Ciudad Real, Castile–La Mancha.

Horcajo de los Montes is only a small town in Ciudad Real, with population 1,000. Probably is the nearest town to Tablas de Daimiel National Park.

3 August 2012

Africa Hoopoe

Namibia (2002)
18th April, 2012. Windhoek

What is different between Africa Hoopoe and Eurasian Hoopoe (戴勝) ? Some website consider that the colour of the features, Africa one is darker than Eurasian one. However it really hard to identify as Eurasian Hoopoe is a migratory bird which fly to sub-Sahara area during winter.

The stamp issued by Namibia marked the bird as Africa Hoopoe. The illustration of the bird really in dark brown, but two of identify website still cataloged it as Eurasian Hoopoe !

27 July 2012

Great Cormorant

Åland (2005)
26th April, 2012. Lemland

After Finland turned into Euro-zone, Åland, which is a state of Finland began to issue new stamps for suitable in Euro currency. Above stamps features three new immigrated birds to be found in Åland is a set of new definitive to its small islands.

Not so surprise, as Åland in the middle of Baltic Sea, it is a important stop of migratory birds from North Pole to southern countries during migration. Two places of Åland is the best to birdwatching, Herröskatan of Lemland is in the east of Åland, there has couple of wooden birdwatching towers in the bank of the Herröskatan for observers. Another good place to birdwatching is Jomala Torpfjärden.

23 July 2012

Cactus Wren

USA (1982)
1st May, 2012. Cortaro, Arozina

After introduction of the state bird of Alabama - Northern Flicker (北撲翅鴷). This time, the second one to be shown is the state bird of Arozina, Cactus Wren. It is a common largest wren to be found in south-west of United States and most of range of Mexico. The inhabit place is desert ; ants, beetles, grasshoppers, and wasps are its diet. Saguaro (巨人柱), the largest cactus (仙人掌) in the world, is one of ideal inhabit plant to Cactus Wren. The bird often found around yucca and mesquite.

Saguaro also is a state flower of Arozina.

14 July 2012

Nordic 2012
斯堪的納維亞 2012

Black-headed Gull (紅嘴鷗) / Lesser Black-backed Gull (小黑背鷗)
Åland (2012)
21st March, 2012. Mariehamn

In each year, eight northern European countries choose one theme for their common issue - Nordic series in each year, the fishermen have been chose in 2012 and only sheetlet of Åland features seabirds, probably Black-headed Gull and Lesser Black-backed Gull, are common in the Baltic Sea and north Atlantic Ocean. However, unfortunately but just a mirror mistake, the postcard is features Common Gull (海鷗).

9 July 2012

90 Years of Burgenland

White Stork (白鸛)
Austria (2011)
21st October, 2011. Pinkafeld

Burgenland is the easternmost state of Austria, in the borders of Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. It founded on 1921, before World War I, the most area of Burgenland owned by Hungary, but according to Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1919) and Treaty of Trianon (1920), Burgenland despite to Austria. Although it was objected by Hungary, only people who live in Oedenburg support the area still leave in Hungary in the poll of Oedenburg, 14 to 16 December of 1921, while others build a new state of Austria.

The stamp features a family of White Stork, in European area, it is common to see White Stork builds their nest at the top of clock-tower, church or somewhere is the highest point of building.

5 July 2012

Faeroe Common Snipe

Iceland (2011)
12th April, 2012. Reykjavik

So pity of this maxicard, the background is too dark cause not easy to find the postmark. However the stamp issued by Iceland seem want to specially remind people the natural conservation only. Faeroe Common Snipe, a subspecies of Common Snipe was selected on the stamp, it is common to Iceland, and can be found on the southern coastal regions of the country during summer.

1 July 2012

Eastern Bluebird

Bermuda (2005)
23rd March, 2012. Paget

A set of stamps to be issued by Bermuda Post illustrated variety bird inhabited places of Bermuda, a small country in the offshore of southeast USA. Upland Forest is located in the parish of Paget, Alfred Blackburn Smith Nature Reserve does have 8.7 acres opened on 2003, it only opens to guests and members of the Coral Beach Club and Bermuda Audubon Society.

Mangrove Lake, is the northernmost mangrove in North America, it lies on the boundary between Smith's and Hamilton Parishes, it is home to endemic species Bermuda Killifish (百慕達底鱂) and of course a paradise to migratory birds and seabirds.

28 June 2012

Birds of prey soar through USA

L : Golden Eagle (金雕) ; R : Northern Harrier (白尾鷂)
Peregrine Falcon (遊隼)
USA (2012)
20th January, 2012. Washington D.C.
23rd March, 2012. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
26th March, 2012. Big Bend National Park, Texas

In the beginning of the year, USPS rise up the postage, a set of 5 birds of prey stamps in 85c for domestic mail weighing up over 3-ounces to be issued. Here is the series of maxicards cancelled at individual places as their related inhabit places, the five birds of prey, as known as raptors, are easy to be found in the world except Antarctica, selected five species mostly common from Alaska to the range of Rocky Mountains.

L : Osprey (魚鷹) ; R : Northern Goshawk (蒼鷹)
USA (2012)
26th March, 2012. Osprey, Florida
30th April, 2012. Wisdom, Montana