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26 September 2012

New bird series of Latvia

Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)
Latvia (2012)
16th June, 2011. Riga

Barn Swallow (家燕)
Latvia (2012)
16th June, 2011. Riga

Seem Latvia Post continues to issue their bird series in each year, I decided contact philatelic bureau myself, to arrange new first day cover and maxicard. Actually it seem bot first day cover but as I wish to save the postage, advised them to help me dispatch the stamps with first day cover. The cover looks pretty but quite old fashionable, perhaps because of the green background.

Not must surprise of two birds of this year, so it is easy to find cards in the market. Once again thanks philatelic bureau kindly regards my order and they done an excellent work.

12 September 2012

Short-eared Owl

Taiwan (2012)
6th June, 2011. Taipei

After the first issue on last year, post office continues to issue owls series on early June as well as last year features 4 endemic species, only 13 owl species are discovered and now come out 8 of them. Same as last description, the stamps not surprising to stamp collectors or bird theme collector, stamps look boring and seem missing something.

Thanks James Chen for the coordination of the first day cover and maxicard.

2 September 2012

Egyptian Vulture

Egyptian Vulture (白兀鷲)
Togo (2000)
12th April, 2012. Kara

A surprise to me that Togo philatelic office done their good job on my maxicards, although this one can't be seen the full postmark. Kara, is a city in the northern part of Togo, three forest parks are near this city. In Togo, only northern area to be found Egyptian Vulture during migratory seasons. Most of them are N. p. majorensis or N. p. majorensis subspecies. By the common reasons like hunting, accidental poisoning, Egyptian Vulture becomes endangered species as the population largely decrease in this century.

Safari in Africa

Western Gorilla (西部低地大猩猩)
Togo (2001)
20th April, 2012. Sokode

Sable Antelope (黑馬羚)
Togo (2001)
20th April, 2012. Sokode

White Rhinoceros (白犀牛)
Togo (2001)
20th April, 2012. Sokode

In the meantime to process the maxicard of Egyptian Vulture, some wildlife cards and envelope are be sent to Togo for the cancellation. However, unfortunately, those animals can't to be found in Togo which some of them are topical rainforest or grassland animals, they just for the fun to collectors.