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31 October 2012

Bird of the Winter

Left : Bohemian Waxwing (太平鳥) ; Right : Eurasian Siskin (黃雀)
Isle of Man (2011)

28th September, 2011. Douglas

The Bird Observatory on the Calf was established in 1959 and became an official British Bird Observatory in 1962, to commemorate its 35th anniversary, Isle of Man Post Office issued a set of 6 stamps and a souvenir sheet features 7 bird species common in the islands. Above cover shown the stamps individually, as they are common in Europe and shown frequency before. It is no need to repeat the descriptions here.

In the meantime, the cover included two maxicards feature Bird of the Winter issued on last year, it is furthermore to complete this series. Below are these two cards.

25 October 2012

Birds of the Rock

Spotted Flycatcher (斑鶲)
Gibraltar (2012)
16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

After 3 parts of definitive issues, seem Gibraltar finished its Birds of the Rock definitive series. Finally the complete set contains 22 stamps and all of them are to be found in Gibraltar. Although Gibraltar is a small point in Europe, it is a main cross-point of bird and marine species, which have description of last post. Below to show the maxicards of this definitive series, and can be visited old posts for covers.

Greater Flamingo (火烈鳥)
Gibraltar (2008)

16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Mediterranean Shag (地中海鸕鶿)
Gibraltar (2008)
16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Eurasia Hoopoe (戴勝)
Gibraltar (2008)
16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Razorbill (大嘴海鴉)
Gibraltar (2008)

16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

18 October 2012

Yellow-legged Gull

Gibraltar (2001)
16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Finally all the items arrived on late-July, while the maxicard arrived on May. I don't have any idea why the envelope travelled 3 months, from Gibraltar to Hong-Kong, isn't it because it sent by registered mail ?

Anyway, this old issue bought in bargain price from internet, which is a main theme Environment to Europa 2001. I was missed it when it is new and seem good luck buy them in bargain price after 10 years. The stamps feature 3 species to be found the nearby water of Gibraltar, as everybody known this small place hold the door of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, also the nearest point between Europe and Africa. It is the main intersection point to migration of birds and marine life.

9 October 2012

Song birds of Armenia

Bluethroat (藍喉歌鴝) ; Great Tit (大山雀)
Armenia (2011)
5th September, 2011. Yerevan

Missing Armenia for a long time, after a pair of envelope on 2007, it was second series of Armenian birds I received. Overall the service of Armenia philatelic bureau is good enough and you can see that those maxicards and cover in excellent condition. Bluethroat and Great Tit are very common song birds in Eurasian area, as Armenia finds in the border of Asia and Europe, they have rich biodiversity and easy to find variety wildlife species.