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24 November 2012

ATM labels of Denmark (2)
丹麥郵資標籤 (2)

From left to right : 
Eurasian Bullfinch (紅腹灰雀) ; Hawfinch (錫嘴雀) ; Greenfinch (金翅雀)
Denmark (2012)
5th September, 2012. Copenhagen

After the first bird theme of last year, Denmark Post continues to choose bird be the main theme in 2012 ATM label. Three garden birds are selected and they are commonly to be found in Europe, thanks Denmark Post of the great help on the postmarking. The cover I chose as first day cover is issued by Jersey Post for Threatened Birds which released on 2012. Above maxicards, so pity that can't be cancelled by special postmark according to the postmarking policy, however they haven't lost their value.

13 November 2012


Purple Heron (紫鷺) 
Guinea-Bissau (2008)  
21st August, 2012. Bissau
In these few years, some countries like Mozambique, Solomon Islands, Burundi or Guinea-Bissau happy to issuehuge of stamps illustrate variety sport theme, world affairs, natural and movie pop stars. However most of them are not related to these poor countries. Checked those stamps seem produced by a stamp dealer which located in Northern Europe. The dealer beside controls what themes to issue, it also has a production house to design all the artwork. Thus, all the stamps look similar if compare variety countries' issues. Anyway, still have some stamps have some collectable value, if the stamp related to the country.

Grey Crowned-Crane (灰冠鶴)  
Guinea-Bissau (2008)  
21st August, 2012. Bissau
Examples are two stamps issued by Guinea-Bissau. The first one is Purple Heron and second one is Grey Crowned-Crane. Unfortunately for the maxicard of Grey Crowned-Crane, except cancelled with poor postmark, the species also does not find in Western Africa.

9 November 2012

Laughing Gull

Kiribati (2008)
7th August, 2011. Bairiki, Tarawa

It is, the laughing gull seem is very normal gull species in the Caribbean Sea, however it is not normal to South Pacific. Anyway, it really have record to find the gull in South Pacific and seashore of Europe, perhaps as they migrate to there during winter seasons.

Only Kiribati issued Laughing Gull stamp in the South Pacific area, which is one of the latest definitive stamp set of the country.

4 November 2012

Tourism in Falkland Islands

Gentoo Penguin (巴布亞企鵝)
Falkland Islands (2011)
5th July, 2011. Fox Bay

It is the summer of Falkland Islands now, in this moment is the best time to there for the tour. Not surprisingly, the most attracted activity is bird watching, especially there is kingdom of penguin. Half of penguin species to be found in Falklands and rounded islands. If you have time and not afraid the terrible joinery of the ship travelling, you can visit South George to find more seabirds include albatross and beautiful iceberg or glaciers.
Fox Bay is a second large settlement in Falklands, however it just a very small village if compare with Great Britain. You can send a postcard to your friend there as a post office also operating in Fox Bay.
King Penguin (國王企鵝)  
Falkland Islands (2006)  
5th July, 2011. Fox Bay
Gentoo Penguin (巴布亞企鵝)  
Falkland Islands (2006)  
5th July, 2011. Fox Bay