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25 August 2013

Owls of Taiwan (3)
臺灣貓頭鷹 (3)

NT$5 : Collared Scops Owl (領角鴞)
 NT$25 : Ryukyu Scops Owl (蘭嶼角鴞) 
Taiwan (2013)
26th June, 2013. Postal Museum, Taipei
26th June, 2013. Taitung

NT$10 : Tawny Fish Owl (黃魚鴞)
NT$5 : Eastern Grass Owl (東方草鴞)
Taiwan (2013)
26th June, 2013. Nantou
26th June, 2013. Pingtung

After releasing “Owls of Taiwan” stamp sets in 2011 and 2012, Taiwan is following up with last set of four stamps in 2013 featuring 4 owls, 12 owls have been shown while 13 owls was discovered in whole islands.

Specially with Ryukyu Scops Owl, it only to be found on Orchid Island, which is off the East Coast of Taiwan proper. It has a brown facial disc and ear tufts. Its head and upper body feathers are brown with dark brown and tan stripes. Its breast and belly feathers are tawny. It lives mainly in forests.

8 August 2013

White Stork in Switzerland

White Stork (白鸛)
Switzerland (2013)
7th May, 2013. Bern / Selach

White Stork (白鸛)
Switzerland (2013)
5th July, 2013. Brittnau

In 1949, Switzerland’s white stork population disappeared, leaving a landscape totally devoid of bill clattering. Max Bloesch (1908–97), known as the “Father of the Storks”, successfully reintroduced these long-legged birds to Altreu (Canton Solothurn). Today, some 300 breeding pairs circle the skies between the plain of the River Orbe and Canton St. Gallen’s Rhine Valley.

These two first day covers and maxicards are feature the postmark of Bern and Selach. Where are the official first day cancellation and the reintroduced place of White Storks. And the last, a pair of cover and maxicard feature postmark of Brittnau, which the postmark illustrated a pair of White Stork.