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17 May 2014

Common Kingfisher

Estonia (2014) 
20th March, 2014. Tallinn

Due to its extraordinary colours the Common Kingfisher is called the Nordic jewel and the pearl of rivers. Both the kingfisher’s plumage, as well as the shape of its body, are unique. It nests on the banks of rivers, brooks and bigger ditches lined with trees and rivers, the banks of which offer opportunities for digging its nest. The kingfisher particularly likes shallow rivers with pure water. It mainly feeds on small fish. We can expect to see the kingfisher round the year, but only a few remain here for the winter. The Estonian Ornithological Society picks the bird of the year since 1995. More information about the Common Kingfisher can be found in the internet, where it has numerous sites.

3 May 2014

100 years Swiss National Park

Golden Eagle (金雕)
Switzerland (2014)
6th March, 2014. Zernez

100 years ago, the Swiss National Park (SNP) was established by a group of visionaries, laying the foundations for a unique, natural oasis. Today, their original idea – namely leaving natural processes untouched and documenting the many and varied changes – is more relevant than ever. To mark its centenary, the National Park is offering its visitors a varied programme of centenary events.
In its centenary year, the SNP is staging a varied programme of events. It has chosen 27 March 2014 for the national launch – 100 years to the day since the Swiss parliament voted to esta- blish the park. On 1 August 2014, Swiss television channel SRF will be broadcasting the main celebration live from Zernez. From 11 July to 16 August, Zernez will also be hosting 16 performances for locals and visitors of the anniversary open-air spectacle “LAINA VIA – the phenomenal story of the Swiss National Park”. LAINA VIVA will bring drama, humour, romance, music and lots of movement to the stage and will be an unmissable spectacle! From March to October, the SNP is going on a nationwide tour to the 16 biggest Coop shopping centres, to present nature where it is least expected. The anniversary exhibition in the National Park Centre is dedicated to special gures from the SNP’s 100-year history. The centenary will also be marked by various publications, including the Atlas of the Swiss National Park.